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The Workout Video Library is for Anyone Who Wants To...


Find safe ways to exercise, maintain a healthy weight, shape lean muscles, and have more energy. 


Feel confident, independent, and powerful. Have a winner's mindset to kick injury challenges in the butt. 


Stay mobile, strong, and maintain your body's longevity for high-performance activity with all the resources you need to succeed.


I am a certified Health And Fitness Coach who specializes in teaching people safe, effective, uplifting exercise. Within my site youll find a large variety of video content to keep you fit and positive no matter what physical challenges you face. I am known for being the go-to source for injury friendly fitness.

I began creating workout videos when I had a foot injury and couldnt attend the gym trips, fancy classes or long workouts.

I wanted workouts that felt good. I wanted routines that were safe for different stages of healing.

I wanted home workout videos I could do that were effective, uplifting and enjoyable.

My Workout Video Library is what I wish I had available years ago and I’m so happy to offer it to you now. Its a growing collection of all of my favorite exercise classes to keep you healthy, strong, pain free, and moving well for life. 

What is the Workout Video Library?

A growing collection of all your favorite
at home fitness video content
to keep you healthy, mobile, and pain free!

When you join the Workout Video Library, you get:

  • Unlimited access to Caroline’s entire collection of workout videos and exercise instructional videos.
  • Variety of workout types, including Pilates, weight training, stretching, injury prevention, seated cardio, and more!
  • Workouts range in length, so you can find something in the time you have available.
  • Workouts can be done anywhere and at anytime.
  • Monthly workout calendars with a schedule of suggested exercise videos for each day so you don’t have to decide on your own what workout you should do.
  • Inspiration, motivation, and community to ensure you feel supported and encouraged!
  • All of your strength, Pilates, cardio, and stretching workouts in one place. You don’t need memberships to four different studios and gyms!

People love Caroline's Workout Video Library!

"Caroline, THANK YOU. I've been doing your workout videos for over a year and you have completely changed my mood and body for the better. I have never been able to stick with exercise before your videos, you are my inspiration"

– Claire, UK

"I love your workout video library! Your page was recommended to me by my doctor before my ankle surgery 3 months ago. Your workouts have kept me happy through super hard times. I was an ultra runner before. Even my athletic husband joins in for your videos and we keep doing all the workouts even after I've long healed. Thank you so much for your work and please keep going! You are helping so many people!"

– Ruth, NYC

"Caroline, I was stuck in an exercise rut before I found your workout video library. I wasn't pushing myself, I wasn't getting stronger, I was just going through the motions. Now I look forward to trying new routines and feel the results of my investment in my mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for sharing your movement medicine with me, I am so grateful for you!"

– Susan, AUS

You deserve to feel good.
Let's get moving and boost your energy, health, and mood!


Sadly, in our world today so many people struggle to find the right daily dose of movement to meet their body's unique needs. They can't seem to find the BALANCE with exercise that helps them feel their best or feel challenged with nagging injuries that hold them back. That's why I'm here to help. My Workout Video Library offers a large variety of videos to support you in finding exercise that allows you to achieve the results you want. Its my goal to be a powerful resource where you can come for more energy, strength, positivity, and health.

I work to help people discover exercise that allows them heal from injuries, achieve results, and live their best lives. I believe with the right prescription MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE. Exercise isn’t about achieving a lean physique, but rather a tool that enhances the quality of your life.

How Do I do it? My exclusive Workout Video Library  will help you find fitness videos that are positive, uplifting, and sustainable for long term health success. You deserve to feel good and have an exercise routine that fuels your life with positive energy. Don't wait to feel great. Join our positive health community and get moving with me today!