Diabetes Exercises For Weight Loss

An 8-Week Comprehensive Fitness Training Program for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

Change your habits, change your life, one day at a time.

An 8-week online program designed to help you lose weight and find a lifetime of health success. 


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The world’s most trusted fitness program for people with diabetes.
FINALLY, a program that works with your body and budget.

The Diabetes Exercises For Weight Loss Online Fitness Program

The world’s most trusted fitness program for people with diabetes. FINALLY, a program that works with your body and budget.

  • At home 
  • Affordable 
  • Achievable
  • Customized fitness programming
  • Exclusive strength workouts 
  • 24-7 accountability 
  • Results that don’t go away


Diabetes Exercises For Weight Loss

An 8 Week Online Program


A highly credible online coaching program exclusive to men and women living with diabetes. No matter who you are, what your experience or how much weight you have to lose, I am ready to help you live a healthier, more stress-free life—even if you’ve tried and failed in the past.

START Losing Weight today with a world-class coach who can help you exercise with Diabetes.


How the Diabetes Exercises
For Weight Loss Program Works

Do one strength training video from the program any 3 days per week.

This program contains exclusive strength exercise videos for those with Diabetes. Each video will only take you 15-20 minutes to complete and will work your body from head to toe. All of our strength workouts are equipment-free. Should you want to progress to equipment-based workouts, I’ve included BONUS downloadable strength workouts for you to add to your routine. The bonus equipment-based workouts can be found in the BONUS section of this program.

Do 3-5 cardio sessions per week.

This program will gradually progress you from shorter cardio workouts to longer sessions. I’ll give you creative and fun cardio ideas for every level of ability throughout the program.  

Follow the plan for 8 weeks.

This is a great introduction to exercise if you're just starting out since the videos make strength training easy with detailed instructions on your form. But even if you're an avid exerciser, following this plan for a few weeks can add variety to your current program, which can help you bust a plateau and continue seeing results. 

Get support and extra tips.

Join our members-only private Facebook Weight Loss Challenge Team and you'll get weekly coaching helping you with your workouts, along with bonus food and weight-loss tips created for people with diabetes.


I have helped hundreds of people with all types of diabetes and from all over the world reach their diabetes management and health goals. Here is what some of my clients have accomplished:

“I am forever grateful to Caroline for having had such an amazingly positive impact on how I manage my diabetes. I’ve continued to use this program after my completion to make sure I stay on track.”

– Sam R.

“Because of Caroline...I now do my exercises. I was a couch potato before I found her program, but her expertise and  words of encouragement during the exercises keeps me going even when I'm tired. It worked so well I stopped taking medication for my blood sugar. Her program really works and I really appreciate Caroline for making it and helping me get fit!”

– Vicky K.

“I LOVE Caroline’s Fitness program! Her enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Her videos keep me motivated and are easy enough that I don’t get discouraged...and my sugar is coming down too! The doctor is so impressed by how quickly my health has improved. Thank you thank you Caroline!”

– Tamera H.


I am so excited for you to take this on! There will be a full community involved to help support and provide accountability, plus I will be fully involved within the group as well!

I am truly dedicated to you getting results and feeling GREAT which is why I have a 30-day money back guarantee. 

If there is anything that you're not satisfied with, please reach out to me within the first 30 days of purchase ([email protected]) and we'll see if there is anything I can do to help support you. If not, there will be a full refund guaranteed.

Looking forward to helping you succeed on your health journey!

In Health,
Caroline Jordan



Change your health and fitness in 8 weeks!

  • Lose Weight!
  • Amp Your Energy!
  • Get Results!
  • Be Accountable for Your Actions!