Hurt Foot Floor Barre Workout

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2018

Hurt Foot Floor Barre Workout, for when you need a no-impact, total body fitness routine that is safe to do with a foot or ankle injury. hurt foot floor barre workout For the FULL Hurt Foot Floor Barre workout, enroll in my HURT FOOT Coaching PROGRAM where you will get LIFETIME access to a growing online hub of new workouts, exercises, and SO MUCH MORE.

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Recovering from a foot injury is HARD. The fact that it takes SO long to heal is one of the biggest challenges. There are days when you experience more pain or are just sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines. I know how you feel, but I want to encourage you NOT to throw in the towel. My Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program was created to help you HANG ON - even when the recovery timeline seems too tough and too long. Its designed to keep you from going stir crazy AND to give you positive, proactive things to keep healing. Done safely, exercise can be a powerful way to accelerate healing. You just need workouts that dont put your injury at risk, like this 30 minute no-impact floor barre class. I designed this exercise session to be "hurt foot fitness" friendly while also physically challenging. You'll work your legs, hips, butt, back, arms, and core while also getting your heart rate up (those front kicks are HARD!). Use it on those days when you need a mental pick me up during the long process of healing your foot. I can guarantee you that after you successfully finish this fitness class, you'll be reminded of your strength.

Hurt Foot Floor Barre Workout. Flowing, No Impact Total Body Fitness Preview.

This full video is reserved for the members who have enrolled in my HURT FOOT Coaching PROGRAM. You can join us HERE. You can also choose to purchase this video individually for download here. Floor Barre is one of my favorite styles of workouts to create for my HURT FOOT Coaching PROGRAM students. I cant wait to make more for our special program and see this community continue to grow in strength. Now my butt burns more that my foot pain and my mindset feels amazing.

Thanks for joining me Hurt Foot Fitness peeps! I'll see you again soon for another great workout,


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