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Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program

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Find safe ways to exercise, maintain a healthy weight, shape lean muscles, and have more energy. 


Feel confident, independent, and powerful. Have a winners mindset to kick injury challenges in the butt. 


Accelerate your body's ability to repair, restore, and come back stronger. 

What Is the Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program?

Watch this video for an inside look at my exclusive course where I teach people HOW to stay fit and positive with injury.


The Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program is here to help you move out of pain and back into active living. Transform out of injury into a stronger person with my results driven injury recovery action plan. It is my mission to help you stay fit and positive with an injury so you can step forward in healing.

About the Hurt Foot Coaching Program 

Chances are if you’ve found this Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program you are sidelined with an injury and looking to get your life back.  My name is Caroline Jordan and I am here to help you. In my Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program, I teach people how to get OUT of pain and BACK into active living.

Injury throws your whole world off. It’s hard to know how to cope, let alone function in your life. How do you manage going to work with a boot? Or keeping up after your kids? Or just going to the grocery store?  The pain and frustration you feel is real. You want your independence back. You want to be able to return to moving fast in career, life, and sport. Recovery feels like a long time away and you constantly worry if your body is healing. Your whole life has slowed down and you are left thinking, “What the heck should I do about it?”

That’s why I am so happy you found me, I am here to help you heal from injury without losing strength in the journey. Through this online coaching program, I teach you how to get out of injury and return to the independent, active life you love living.

The biggest challenge in injury recovery is maintaining your strength and sanity. The doctors give you 6-8 weeks, but in reality healing takes much longer than that.  Most people rush the process and end up with other injuries or stuck in cycles of pain. You have to be smart about injury recovery. You CAN heal and it CAN happen, but you must follow the right process to help your body return to health. That’s what I am here to teach you: specific steps to get your life back in shape.  

It’s essential to have help in the injury recovery process. Trying to go at it alone will slow you down. Letting others guide you out of the boot and back into life is how you can restore yourself to health.

I am here to use my expertise and experience to show you the path towards healing success. My comprehensive Coaching Program was created to give you specific steps to take a proactive approach to healing. Through my system you will gain control over your situation, have clarity on HOW to move forward, and make it to the other side of injury to return to the life you love.  

Many people don’t heal from foot and ankle injuries because they simply dont know HOW. There are a world of generic programs out there that give you a bare bones, cookie cutter approach to fixing injury. Don't waste your time or your money. I am the coach that will guide you through the recovery process. I’ll give you the specific steps to take to heal your foot and get your life back.  I’ve DONE the journey of healing. I’ve researched, worked the best doctors, tried all the exercises to know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve built this coaching program and supportive community to share these insider steps to success with you. I am committed to helping you heal when the doctors just shrug their shoulders. You don’t have to sit around and wallow in self pity praying your injury heals quickly. You can get up, get going, and get moving towards recovery. You CAN take action today to stop waiting and get walking faster to the other side of injury.

The Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program will help you put one foot in front of the other and get recovered.



Caroline Jordan 

Certified Health and Fitness Coach here to help you heal, grow, and kick butt in life. I specialize in foot and ankle injuries and am here to guide you through the injury recovery process with a proven formula for success. Get on your feet again through my online education courses, programs, and events. I also coach clients virtually all over the world.

In the Hurt Foot Coaching Program I teach you:

  • How to get out of pain and back into life
  • The Healing lifestyle: essential fitness, nutrition, stress management, and mindset skills that will allow you to recover faster
  • How to avoid weight gain and muscle loss
  • How to eat to accelerate the healing process
  • How to schedule your weeks and workouts to avoid flare ups
  • Safe exercises and workouts you can do to come back from injury stronger
  • Pain Management and Coping Strategies for injury
  • How to safely transition from injury back into walking and exercise
  • Specific resources, techniques, tools, and insider hacks for healing success that the doctors don’t tell you
  • How to get OUT of the boot and BACK into life
  • How to use injury to transform into a stronger person

Engaging, inspiring, and practical. The Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program offers you real tools you can use to heal your body and get your life back. The course is self-paced so you can access the content anytime and in any order.  The cost is 199.00 for lifetime use of the course content, support group, and group coaching. Hurt Foot Fitness also offers live events, virtual coaching, interviews, consulting, and tools for your ongoing learning and growth.



✓ Choose to react to a difficult situation with strength

✓ Be proactive - tackle injury with a plan to move forward

✓ Learn creative ways to stay fit and promote healing

✓ Surround yourself with support for the hard days

✓ Live the healing lifestyle

✓ Eat healthy to fuel healing

✓ Manage stress to boost your immune system


"Hi Caroline, I needed to go out of my way to thank you for providing the Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program. I’m a triathlete, half-marathon runner, cross country skier, basketball player, and (aspiring) weightlifter. Having a broken foot really upends my lifestyle in every way possible. My recovery journey has been so much more fun and uplifting thanks to your Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program. I’m stronger because of it. Keep up the good work. Best, Bob"

Bob Mayer, Wisconsin

"Hi, Caroline! I just wanted to say thank you, really! I sprained my ankle for the first time in life, 5 months ago and it was horrible! It happened after training and I was so depressed about it and felt so helpless not able to move for almost 2 weeks and then having pain and not training at all. I was so happy to find your Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program and the content has been so helpful ! Thank you for your coaching, positive energy, and help in such hard time. You rock! Keep on your great work! Looking forward to using this coaching program even after I heal! Love and gratitude, Trisha"

Trisha, Denmark

"Caroline, I just want to thank you SO much for your Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program, AWESOME attitude, and positive energy!! I have really been lifted up by your coaching and course. Seriously, it is a hard thing to recover from an injury and have my usual cardio addiction at a standstill. Your Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program was my turning point from feeling completely depressed and victimized by my injury–to feeling optimistic and empowered that there IS something I can do to stay fit and positive. Your quote, “The only disability is a bad attitude” is like my new life motto!! I can tell I’m healing faster through your Hurt Foot Fitness Coaching Program too. Thank you so much for your amazing work!! It’s making a huge difference for me!"

Elsie Madison, California


Stay Fit, Stay Positive, Heal Faster.
You CAN come back stronger.

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